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Our Infant Room accommodates both working and stay at home parents. The loving infant staff is an experienced group of nurturing teachers that provide a safe and stimulating environment for the infant’s rapidly growing mind. In keeping with the Montessori philosophy which states that each child is a unique individual that develops according to his or her own personality, our staff works closely with each parent to provide care and scheduling that closely matches your individual child’s needs.

Infants make an easy transition into the adjacent Toddler Room where they are exposed to early Montessori methodology. Children thrive in a more structured environment as they experience “circle time”, nap on cots, and eat at child size tables along with their peers. Academic stimulation is provided in the form of both group and individualized instruction. Our young Toddlers blossom as they develop more independence within this safe and nurturing environment. A devoted staff of experienced teachers helps each child develop his or her fine and gross motor skills, guides early social/emotional development, and provides stimulating academic enrichment throughout the day.


Lively and curious preschoolers are a classic example of Maria Montessori’s descriptive definition of “the absorbent mind”.  Our trained Montessori teachers are skilled in the development of  this age group.  Within a full Montessori curriculum  our preschoolers are challenged and inspired with materials and manipulatives designed to stimulate their natural curiosity to learn.

Under the nurturing tutelage of their teachers the children will continue to develop their physical, mental, spiritual, and social skills.  The teachers will also work closely with the parents on continuing their child’s potty training achievement throughout the day.


In our Pre K curriculum the children will further develop and expand their physical and mental skills, covering all areas of development in depth. The Montessori teacher will provide a structured environment for abstract learning, in a variety of areas, such as mathematics, language, geography, history, science, art, and music.

Classic sensorial and practical life exercises will continue to be a part of the Montessori pre K classroom. In educating the whole child, the teacher cultivates the child’s individuality with the goal in mind of instilling a true love of learning.


Our Kindergarten/First grade classroom builds upon the child’s broad base of knowledge. In true Montessori style the children work as independent researchers both individually and in small groups. They actively develop not only academic but reasoning skills which serve to release their imagination and curiosity.

In keeping with Maria Montessori’s philosophy, our teachers strive to present a culturally diverse environment designed to encourage a feeling of being connected to all of humanity. The classroom looks now out into the world as we introduce the child to community service that begins with the individual. When our children graduate from Montessori of Calabasas we take pride in knowing that we have helped them become prejudice-free independent thinkers with a thirst for further knowledge.